He Gives It to Her While You Watch

It takes a special kind of couple to fuck in front of strangers on the web. These exhibitionists get off on knowing that they have an audience. Being that I like to watch, I’m more than happy to give them the viewership that they crave. This transfer of energy allows us to feed off of one another, heightening their experience as much as it satisfies my own cravings.

I love when there is a sexy and exotic babe who is thinking about me stroking my dick to her hot body all while she’s getting fucked by her boyfriend. Sometimes they will even chat with me, look into the camera and say they wish I was the one fucking them instead. That turns me on more than anything, but I also like using tokens to purchase specific sex acts from their tip menu. It makes me feel like I’m directing my very own live-action porno in real time. Talk about living the dream.

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