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Sofia Tries A New Exercise

Sofia wants to keep in shape, and well she gets told this guy is really good at that. So she makes an appointment to see him for a workout, he puts her to work right away just to get an idea of her stamina. He isn’t very happy with her fitness level and suggest an extreme workout. She trusts him, but when he tells her to get naked she has no idea what to expect. But like most Latin sluts she does as she is told and takes his cock.

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Coffee Shop Girl Bebe Leflour

Bebe Leflour works at this coffee shop, and well she is always up for a little fun. But when this dude makes a bet with her and wins she might of wished she didn’t. Since he won the bet he could choose something wild for her to do, he thought about it and came up with flashing herself in the park across the road. He didn’t think she would do it, but she totally does and well it turns them both on and he gets a bonus when she asks him to meet her after work.

Karina And Her Hunky Man Going For It

Karina goes all out in this sexy action. She was in the backseat of this dudes car wearing a cute white dress, it looked totally amazing on her and she was keen to show us her body as well. She lets us check out her sweet tits before she arrives back home with her studly man. He lets her go to work on his large cock, those sweet lips feel so hot wrapped around him. Now he lays down and waits for her latina pussy to swallow his penis.