A South American Holiday

I actually hate the term bucket list, but I don’t have a reason beyond that I think the name sounds stupid. The concept of it though, how can anyone hate that, even me who hates almost everything 😀

On my bucket list though is a holiday to South America, well at least that is what it would say on my bucket list if it was written down for anyone to see but in my head the line reads: “Fuck a bunch of Latino chicks”.

So by now you really should be able to guess that I’m not from North America and if you actually did think something along the lines of “who don’t you just go and fuck some in your neighbourhood, the maid or anything along those lines then you are obviously an American, but also an idiot.

I’m just being nasty because I’m jealous since where I am from there are exactly zero Latinas.

So, with this sweet special where anyone can save up to 78% with a Bangbros discount I grabbed myself a ton of top tier sites for dirt cheap and can fantasise about them until the day I manage to go on that holiday.